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Home Redesign Special

In stock
Product Details

Redesign Special Includes:

  • Hero Section w photo or graphic texture background
  • H1 Text markup + h2, h3, h4 Page hierarchy for proper SEO
  • FREE Stock image selection (pixabay.com)
  • Hover effects
  • Custom Services or Featured Product Cards
  • Page Search Engine Optimization
  • Add Bootstrap 5.x Stylesheet (for Homepage Only)
  • Text copy proofing - to be sales-driven
  • About Us Lead-in Section w/ Button / Image
  • CTA Section linked to your Contact Page or Quote Form to stimulate click-through

You will be contacted shortly after Purchasing to verify intentions and discuss your changes. Your Webmaster will also request any additional information, as needed.

For rapid deployment only!
Delays providing information will result in additional charges after 7 days.

Additional web design, graphics, seo, and photography services available, upon request!

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