Get Your WordPress Website Fixed

Got a problem with your WordPress website? We provide fast and professional fixes, along with maintenance and hosting.

providING SITE maintenance and host Management AT AFFORDABLE PRICES

WordPress and WooCommerce Sites

It's not that you can't maintain your own website, but just don't have time for it! Check out all that we can do to keep your website updated and maintained ...

Regular Updates

We update sites to the latest version of WordPress and update all themes and plugins so they don’t break your site. Periodic updates are carried out by our Webmaster instead of your Host's Auto-Update script. Major updates are staged before they go live or we'll back up your entire server.

Periodic Backups

Regular backups are dependent upon your shared or managed hosting agreement. However, we will manually backup your website and retain a copy in your local files and our own Workstations for extra protection.

Uptime Monitoring

We will monitor your website after updates for load times and optimize, if needed, so it runs smoothly. Ask about SEMRUSH site audit tools.

Email & Phone Support

If a situation arises after making Content changes, you can speak to our Webmaster or make a request via text or email. We fix problems with your site whenever you need it, and we can carry out unlimited minor changes.

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Types of Requests

Whatever your website, whatever the task, our Webmaster will get to work right away. We can work on most small jobs and fixes for WordPress and WooCommerce websites. We work with any host that uses CPanel or similar Website Administration interface.


Whatever error you are getting, we are here to fix it for you.


We can move your website to another host while minimising disruption and optimising your site at the same time.


Slow website? We can find out what’s going on and speed it up to improve the user experience.

Plugin Problems

Adding a plugin to your website can sometimes cause problems. Let us sort it out for you and get your website running smoothly again.


Slow website? We can find out what’s going on and speed it up to improve the user experience.

Core WordPress or Theme Problems

If you update your WordPress site or theme and problems occur, we can sort them out for you and get things working properly again.

We can make an unlimited number of fixes and minor changes to your site, and we can usually do this within a couple of hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before Contacting Us, please read and review the common FAQs listed below ...

Website Redesign Services Frequently Asked Questions
You can sign up right here on our website. Request to a monthly maintenance plan or order an A-La-Carte task.
You can use any credit or debit card to pay securely via PayPal Payment Services or make other arrangements with our Webmaster.
It depends on the nature of the problem. We will start right away, and we can sometimes fix the problem in a few minutes. Our Webmaster will be in contact with you via Text, Email, or by Cellphone.
Our WordPress expert will get started almost immediately, in fact sometimes in as little as under two minutes. Most issues can be fixed within two hours.
We require access to your hosting provider and WordPress Admin area. Not sure how to get these? We can help you.
Most clients decide to use our hosting, but you do not have to. We can work with most hosting providers that provide website admin panels.
Of course! We market website redesign services, but often create websites from scratch, based on a customer service or product line.
There is no contract when you use our service. You can sign up for one month if you want, but most clients decide to stay long-term.